About Us

Lenz Law is a Colorado Small Business Law Firm

A Law Firm Serving Female Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

Lenz Law is on a mission to support and empower female small business owners and entrepreneurs. Women are powerful economic and social forces, but often times, women in business do not get the support they need to succeed. Lenz Law is dedicated to fixing this problem, by using the law to provide women with the assistance and support they need to realize their ambitions.

Legal Advice You Understand. Knowledge is power.

Knowledge empowers and instills confidence. This is why we explain the law and your legal options clearly. We avoid legalese whenever possible and encourage clients to ask questions. We focus on learning about your business and providing legal counsel that you can leverage to grow a successful business. Lastly, Lenz Law is not a place where you will be talked down to because you don’t know the law (that’s our job). Sadly, we’ve heard from many of our clients that some attorneys are condensing and confusing, and that’s really turned them off. We take the “counselor at law” designation to heart. As such, our priority is to communicate and provide advice that helps our clients solve problems and move forward.

Big Picture, Holistic Legal Advice.

Lenz Law protects both your short and long-term interests by providing big picture legal advice. This means that we take the time to understand your concerns, your business, and long-term goals before offering a solution. Experience has taught us that big-picture advice empowers clients to make the right decisions for the future of their business right now. If we can give you guidance that saves you from future headaches down the road, we’re going to tell you. Ultimately, you are the final decision maker, but you should have the big picture in order to make the best decisions possible.

Modern & Efficient Service.

We use technology to provide you with efficient and responsive service. We use the following resources to simplify the attorney-client process.

  • All emails and calls returned within 48 hours.
  • Easy, online scheduling.
  • In person, virtual, or phone meetings.
  • Cloud-based document sharing.
  • Electronic signing.
  • Online invoicing and payments.

Upfront Pricing. You’ll know the cost of your legal fees from the start.

In most cases, we are able to offer flat fees and pre-determined price ceilings so you can smartly budget for your legal expenses.

Why? Lenz Law is dedicated to helping clients grow successful businesses that bring them joy and fulfillment. Price transparency is essential to realizing this goal. To be in control and within budget, small businesses need to know the cost of their legal fees from the start. We want to help you make smart financial decisions and to contact us whenever you need guidance. That’s our recipe for a successful client-attorney relationship that gets your business the support it needs to succeed.