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Trademarks, patents, trade secrets, creative works - what you should know to protect IP in Colorado

Protecting Intellectual Property in Colorado

Many small business owners neglect to protect their intellectual property because of confusion and expense. Despite spending thousands of dollars on branding, web design, and instructional works, many business owners are at risk of having their intellectual property used without their permission and without compensation. Business owners are often confused by misinformation, and as a result, not clear on the benefits of investing in intellectual property protections.

This confusions exists for good reason. Intellectual Property law is a complicated and nuanced field that does not lend itself well to self education. Also, opinions vary widely on whether small business owners should invest in intellectual property protections. Some maintain that trademarks and other protections are unnecessary and too expensive for small business owners. Others strongly insist that IP protections, like trademarking your business name, are the first legal steps a business should take.

The truth is, some small businesses need to protect their intellectual property ASAP, others don’t need to at all, and for some it’s not urgent but should be on the to do list.

Should I protect my IP or get a trademark? Whether or not you need to protect your IP depends on your risk tolerance, business model, industry, and business plans. For example, businesses that invest heavily in branding, like designing the perfect name and logo, will benefit from conducting a trademark search and securing a trademark. Additionally, if you have a strong brand identity, securing a trademark will allow you to more easily stop others from using your brand without your permission.

How We Can Help

Intellectual Property Evaluation. $300+. We’ll identify your intellectual property assets and liabilities, and provide recommendations on what actions would be best for you, if any. This evaluation will include an honest discussion of the benefits and costs for your business. At the end of this evaluation you will understand if it’s in your best interest to file for a trademark, copyright, or to invest in other intellectual property protections.

Trademark Registration. $850+. You know that securing a trademark is the right step for your business and want to invest in doing so. Our trademark registration packages begin at $850 and increase in price based on the number of classes you desire to register your trademark under.

Copyright Registration. $450+. You know that registering for a copyright is essential to protecting your original creative works and business assets. Please note that our flat fee does not include the copyright registration government fee of $35.

Patent Registration. We do not practice patent law. If you need a patent, we will provide you with referrals we trust. As a heads up, registration of a patent can cost upwards of $10,000. Carefully evaluate if this is the right step for your business before investing in a patent.

You should consider protecting your IP if:

  • You will or have invested heavily in branding.
  • Your brand and business identity are essential to your success.
  • You don’t want anyone using your business name or logo without your permission.
  • You operate in more than 1 state, or intend to do so.
  • You don’t want others stealing and profiting from your original creative works or instructional guides.
  • You don’t want your artistic works used without your permission.
  • You’d like to license your intellectual property assets, like your brand, to others.

Other IP Services:

  • Cease and Desist Letters
  • Responses to Cease & Desist Letters
  • Trademark Office Action Responses and Denials
  • Trademark Vetting & Searches

Next Steps: Contact us to discuss your intellectual property questions and needs. We looking forward to working with you.