Protect a Business Brand in Colorado

Protect your Colorado business brand and preserve your market share

Protect Your Business’ Brand or Lose It

Everyone knows Oprah, Beyonce, and Martha Stewart. No one confuses these powerful women with wannabes. That’s no lucky accident. Enter branding. Where the *C.L.S.* trifecta of creativity, law, and strategy launches aspiring business women to femme fatale dynastic success.

If you’re like most small business owners, you’re focusing 90% of your branding on the Creativity aspect and the other 10% on Strategy. Leaving the Law aspect with 0% of your attention.

Do you like driving blindfolded? Well, that’s what you’re doing with your business if you don’t pay attention to your legal foundation. That’s right, it’s time to sidle up to a law blog, or better yet, an awesome small business attorney and invest in legal protections for your brand.

3 Reasons to Protect your Brand

Your brand is likely the name of your business. Before you invest thousands of dollars and hours into your brand, consider this:

1.Your Brand Does Not Belong to You

Well, maybe it does. But maybe it doesn’t? The point is, you don’t know unless you adequately vet your brand. By skipping this step, a business with the same or similar name could legally stop you from using your brand name. If you’ve already invested heavily in your brand, it’s still a good idea to vet your brand. If vetting reveals any conflicts, a small business attorney can strategically resolve the matter so that you can smartly chart you business path forward.

2.The Power to Stop Copycats

Oprah, Beyonce, and Martha Stewart guard their brands fiercely and unapologetically. To do so, these powerful women obtained trademarks: Oprah®, Beyoncé®, Martha Stewart®. While they are all undeniably creative and generous women, they are also intelligent business owners who value their worth and work to protect it. You better believe these ladies are going to shut down copycats without hesitation.

While you may not be Oprah, even small business owners should consider obtaining a trademark. A trademark gives you more control over your business and finances. You’ll have the legal foundation necessary to shut down copycats, expand into new markets, and even sell or license your brand to a bigger company. While you may be tempted to wait, trademark registration can take more than 1 year. Furthermore, if a competitor obtains your trademark before you do, you’ll lose your chance, and possibly your brand.

3. Value & Credibility for Pennies on the Dollar

Compared to the value it provides, trademark registration in Colorado is inexpensive. Most small business attorneys will charge no more than $600 – $1000 to register a trademark. After that, you’re responsible for government fees about every 10 years, and the registration lasts forever. Valuewise, a trademark is a sign of credibility. It lets others know you are serious about your business and keeps wannabes at bay. Additionally, a trademark can promote significant growth and strengthen your chances for success. With a trademark, you’ll be able to easily license your brand or service to a bigger company. While you may be small now, you won’t regret investing in the legal foundation necessary to take advantage of big opportunities when they come your way.

While the legal aspects of branding may seem intimidating, it’s an important part of overall business health. A small business attorney can help you identify what’s best for you, and can teach you how to best protect your business.